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  • If You ever experience Vandalism, Storm Damage, or Animal Damage to your Fence, Call Us!

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    Repairing a Wooden Fence

    The elements will ultimately cause difficulties such as decaying posts, rails, or panels, cracks, and so on. SZ Fences Richmond Hill can give your fence some extra attention to keep it looking its best. Our services are rapid and inexpensive, and they will prevent further harm.

    black iron or alliminium fence damaged by fallen tree

    Repairing an Iron or Aluminum  Fence

    Wrought iron fences have unique issues, such as rust corrosion. The good news is that you don't have to replace the wrought iron to restore the fence's brilliance; instead, fix the gaps and repaint it. Furthermore, bent iron may be straightened or replaced. We are a fence repair company that focuses on both the structural integrity and the aesthetics of your fence.

    Repair of Chain Link Fence

    It is possible to repair a broken chain link fence. Sagging or leaning, for example, is most usually caused by a loose fence post. A chain link fence's top rail can curl up or bend. SZ Fences Richmond Hill will replace the damaged chain link fence as needed.

    Fence and Gate Assistance

    If your fence sections are drooping or sagging as a result of insufficient support or harsh weather, post repair may be required. A drooping fence gate is more than just an eyesore. It may jeopardise security. Call SZ Fences Richmond Hill to get a free assessment.