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  • Fence Painting, Staining, and Resurfacing


    Fence staining is inexpensive. Whether your wooden fence is decades old or brand new, it may benefit from a single low-cost addition: stain. Staining your fence will make it more functional and visually appealing. Call SZ Fences Richmond Hill right away to have it done!


    White Picket Fence with greenery in background


    Why do we stain?

    The weather in Ontario is unpredictable. We have scorching summers and harsh winters, which frequently involve ice storms. Staining your fence is vital for maintaining the visual appeal of your outdoor living spaces. To give your fence an attractive appearance while maintaining the wood, we utilise an oil-based stain. We can assist you if you want to improve the appearance of an old fence. Weathered fences can be restored.


    W can perform Seals and Stains, Oil-Based Stain, Restore Weathered Wood, Prolong the Life of the Wood, Improve Home Appearance, Stop Mold and Mildew that Causes Wood to Gray and Warp, and Stop Mold and Mildew that Causes Wood to Gray and Warp.

    It's crucial to properly maintain any fence you already have, regardless of when it was erected. Fences of various types, for example, must be maintained clean. Often, a power washer would enough, but if your fence has mould or mildew, you may need to use specific cleaning treatments.


    When it comes to wood, it's critical to apply new stain or paint on a regular basis to keep the material from absorbing water and decomposing. Many fences will need repairs over time, such as when posts begin to tilt, nails come out, or pickets break.